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Tһe eΤrаnѕfer came right? This is what this phone number texted to me at 10:50 am Feb 17,2024 I’m 99.9% sure it’s fraudulent .

By Anonymous on

Feb 8, 2024 Thurs. : 07:14 am --- beware and suspicious phone call saying they are computer security.

By Robert R Chow on

scam/phishing from "Kelly" who uses the term "unexpected fate" more than once, and who claims to be from singapore, but currently lives in LA.

By Anonymous on

Probably an invalid phone number as I have not even been able to report this annoying practice! Lately we have been fortunate to not receive as many such calls, but I wish there was a way that phone companies could screen such practices or investigate such occurances and can penalize such violations and possibly terminate their services where warranted.

By T. Walker on

Social security scam

By Anonymous on

This call is for health insurance which she kept trying to tell me about medicad and or a Military program.

By Robert on

These Do Not Call Law violating heavily accented sales scammers keep spoofing these disconnected numbers so they can try again and again to illegally sell these unwanted Medicare ad on .

By Veteran on

likes calling in middle of night

By Anonymous on

This appears to be spam

By Anonymous on

Thanksgiving Day and unknown California number calls and leaves no message and has "Potential spam " on the caller id and then online many comments about sales scam caller .

By Anonymous on

This number is a scammer that claims you own them money for something you canceled years ago and call you for payment. There is no way to confirm it is a legitimate business and they threaten to ship you over 300 dollars more of product if you dont pay 350 dollars for a trial sample that was canceled. Then they say they will send you to collections when you ask for a secure way to make payment. They continue to harass you and call from a number that comes up as spam/risk. I am so pissed off.

By Holly on

Right wing political robocall from Conservative Party of Bc with recording of party leader.

By Triplx on

Received call but no body answered on 9/20/23.

By Anonymous on

what is the name this company?

By Anonymous on

From adult website

By Anonymous on

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