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Ministry of public safety Canada File # 635072 Parents & community members vs. DAVID FOULDS of Whalley little Leaque baseball association/Sunahine housing cooperative & Sgt. RAY STANDFORD of Surrey RCMP detachment. This case is finally being investigated & more details will be provided soon.. PS : (Information hidden by the board from members) I'm one of the member who testified against former president of sunshine housing cooperative DAVID FOULDS

By Anonymous on

Covid BC (Vax Sudden Deaths) 37 552 subscribers Are you being pressured into taking an experimental vaccine in order to keep your job? Please watch our videos before making a decision. Vaccine injuries & deaths are not rare. ⚠️ Sensitive Content! 19+ ⚠️

Never pick up. Block.

By Blocked on

Kept calling even though I never picked up. I wanted to see where this number was from and I see the previous comment. Yeah. Blocking this number.

By StopBuggingMe on

This number calls my land line at least 3 times a day… hangs up bc no bc speaking

By Anonymous on

905 771 5873 is from fdr a bad debt collector I am thinking of filing harassment charges with the police. They broke laws calling more they are allowed per day, per week. They all had a lawyer make threats to call friends, employers family and threatened to take property without going through legal channels. Don't give them your personal info, Don't give them your name. Ask them do you have a bill with a signature that is less than 2 years old. And ask did the person you are looking come to your business and sign it saying he authorized their buying the bad debt

By Annoyed on

This number is for a payphone mapping service in Yellowknife, NT

By Anonymous on

Le numéro + 14372925193 m'a appelé ce matin c'était une dame qui me poser quelques questions concernant l'immigration je lui aussi répondu mais elle m'a pas demandé nul l'argent certes elle m'a dit que on va m'appeler pour la suite. Ça m'a vraiment dérange il s'agit des personnes qui travaille vraiment à l'immigration Canada.

By Iteke Michael on

Claims to be an "INTERAC e-transfer from Canada Revenue Agency' Spammers

By Anonymous on

i receive

By ntakirutimana Leonard on

Somebody was called from this number and started talking about immigration process

By Martins on

647-951-2091 - This is a scam, they sent you a letter that it seems legit but at the end the company is a shell company that try to emulate w legitimate company call Owens Wright LLP. Be careful.

By RC on

Called me twice from this # but never left message

By Anonymous on

Vous m'avez ce matin c'est mon frère qui a décrocher Vous pouvez me contacter si possible cordialement saliou coulibaly

By Anonymous on

NTT is a third party contractor that Rogers gave your info to for them to contact you and sell you Rogers bundles. Not quite a scam but definitely telemarketing (cause they are selling you things you likely don’t need to upgrade too for a price that is super low only for 3 months then is exponentially high)

By Anonymous on

Ce numéro téléphone sans arrêt, la personne est très insistante... Incapable de savoir ce qu'ils veulent ni de les rappeler

By Anonymous on

This number called me multiple times, unresponsive , just static like .

By Mark on

Calls 5 times a day

By Anonymous on

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