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0280060037 / (02) 8006 0037 / +61 2 8006 0037

Origin: Sydney Type: Fixed Line
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Thank you so much for using our services. As you are already aware that you have been selected in the loyalty program of company as a golden customer and you have received 2 X iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB Purple. Unfortunately, today you got 2 iPhone one is your gift hamper and 2nd by mistake will be dispatched to you. We apologize for this mistake as apology we are adding $50 Top Up in your Vodafone Account. Now, coming towards the device that you have right now at the moment, we request you to send this parcel back to us. Because it will be blocked by the company side within a week. We are providing you the address and all delivery details here. So kindly send us the parcel as soon as you can and we have Dispatch your parcel as soon as possible so please cooperate with company we are very thank full to you.. Dispatch address: 62 Wood Street, Avondale Heights Vic 3034 Name of the recipient: Seyed Raza (Dispatch Manager) This is our warehouse address where you need to send the parcel through express delivery and the delivery charges will be send to your bank account within the 24 hours once you send the parcel. You will receive a slip from the post office and you need to send us its scanned picture as a reply to this email. We really appreciate your patience. Thanks, The Vodafone team. vodafone

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They took my account and order 2 iPhones 14 pro max and then when I received 2 iPhone, they called me and said I have 1 iPhone for free and the other one they send wrong and ask me send it back to them, address to send back is 62 wood st Avondale Hights, Vic 3034 , lucky before I send it back, I check my payment account and find out they took money from my account to pay those iPhone, be careful everyone. I hope nobody gets the same like me

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